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Welcome to Redtailsfilm.com,

George Lucas’ 2012 film was a passion project, which tells a deeply inspiring story about the Tuskegee Airmen, called Red Tails it captures the Civil Aeronautics Authority selecting 13 black cadets, an experimental program at the Institute in Alabama, Tuskegee. To fully appreciate this inspirational story it is necessary to understand the history on which it is based.

With the start of WWII, the military had only been using white enlisted and serving men, no black men or any race woman were accepted into the service at that time. The civil rights units had been petitioning and fighting to stop the segregation of African-Americans in the military, as the military did not want black fighting, nether less flying their planes as they thought that black people were not of equal intelligence and not capable of what the white men were.

An Airmen in WWII was any white person holding an airman’s certificate even if they were not active or enlisted, only later did it became the same for male and female. The U.S. Air Force was the first in the world to start enlisting African-Americans men as pilots and to be trained for the war, they had to undertake more examinations than the white pilots who wanted to be enlisted with the military air force units.


This site includes articles dedicated to the Tuskegee airman. The black American airmen were trained on separate fields on the Tuskegee Air Force Academy and the white air men were trained at the Maxwell air field. This airfield was first used in the WW1 as an emergency mechanic depot for the pilots, after a few years the war ended and the depot died out. At the Tuskegee air field, they only enlisted men who made both the physical and the mental qualifications, many men did not pass both so only some were allowed to continue with their training at Tuskegee air fields.

From the first African-American men had successfully enlisted only nine had made the final cut, but in the end only five went out to receive their wings as pilots for the military in combat. Even though these men proved themselves over and over again for both themselves and to make a pint, they still suffered at the face of racial segregation when they went home after the war. Some of the enlisted men had to sit back and watch as the white men came and left the Tuskegee air field with higher ranks, and the African-American airmen never went up in rank as they were just overlooked.

As the training for the African-American airmen became successful, they had stepped into fire because there was no African-American Bomber Squadron in the military anywhere in the world at that stage. So the first bomber squadron for the U.S. military was made and named the Bombarding Squadron. They were mainly left untouched by best of the military man as they did not believe that the black American pilots were capable, only the bomber section of the military made use of them. The Bombarding squadron was used to escort many big battles in WWII and had a big part in the success of the U.S. military air force.

After the war many of men were forgotten and only a few years later did the U.S. build a memorial centre and start to honour the airmen of Tuskegee. The film Red Tails released in January 2012, honouring the unsung heroes who rose above the challenges and sored into history. The 2h5m film re-tells the story with great action, it’s an inspirational story and at the box office it collected 50.4 million USD.